News Conference

Professor Rajabi, the high ranking cleric and the honorable vice-president of the Imam Khomeini Institute for Education and Research and the scientific secretary of the international Conference on ‘Allāmah Ṭabāṭabāī's Thoughts in Al-Mizān Commentary, told in a news conference on this international conference that ‘Allāmah Ṭabāṭabāīis among the unique personalities in the world of Islam and Shi'ism. "Seminaries and educated scholars of human sciences are deeply indebted to him", he said.

He pointed out that the Imam Khomeini Institute for Education and Research has decided to do something well worthy in order to introduce Al-Mizān Commentary as one of the honors of Shi'ism and world of Islam. Therefore, holding an international conference on ‘Allāmah's thoughts in Al-Mizan Commentary was put on agenda, although a comprehensive plan have been prepared and this conference is part of it.

He went on to say that ‘Allāmah Ṭabāṭabāī' revived philosophy and intellectual and commentary discussions in the Seminary of Qom and Islamic society, and added,"from among works written by this great personality, Al-Mizān Commentary is his most important work which is regarded as encyclopedia of religious issues".

He pointed out that there have been lots of works on Al-Mizān Commentary, but there is still a big gap to fill in order to completely repay our debt to this great scientific-religious gift.

The scientific secretary of conference on ‘Allāmah Ṭabāṭabāī's thought in Al-Mizān Commentary pointed to the project of writing a thematic commentary based on Al-Mizan in three stages and added, " sixty researchers with different specialties have been working on this great project for several years, whose achievements will be offered in this conference".

The vice-president of the Imam Khomeini Institute for Education and Research said that the aim of holding this conference is to recognize and expound ‘Allāmah Ṭabāṭabāī's thoughts in Al-Mizān Commentary in the field of human and Islamic sciences, and added, "other aims of this conference include recognition and introduction of ‘Allāmah Ṭabāṭabāī and Al-Mizān's scientific dimensions, review of different approaches adopted by those who study Qurān to ‘Allāmah Ṭabāṭabāī's thoughts, examining modern theories proposed by domestic and foreign thinkers in the field of human and Islamic sciences based on ‘Allāmah Ṭabāṭabāī's thoughts in Al-Mizān Commentary, providing the ground for islamization of human sciences, and exchange of research findings between this Institute and other scientific centers in the world".

Professor Rajabi said that the conference on ‘Allāmah Ṭabāṭabāī's thoughts in Al-Mizān Commentary will have a permanent secretariat in Qom and added," We hope to hold a related biannual conference on scholarly issues".