Ethical Studies


Semantics of Moral Concepts

Ontology of  Moral Propositions

Epistemology of Moral Propositions

Methodology of Moral Propositions

 Normative Morality

Moral Deontology

Moral Finalism

Ethics of Virtue

 Applied and Professional Morality

Human Interactions (Ethics of Social Intercourse, Criticism and Debate, Marital Duties, . . .)

Personal Life (Morals of Worship, Morals of livelihood and Travelling, Sexual Morality, . . .)

Interaction with Environment and Animals

Teaching and Learning (Teaching, research, Propagation)

Occupations and jobs (Nursing, Medicine, Judgment, Counseling,..)

International Relations (Conduct with Non-Muslims, War and Peace, Dialogue, . . .)

Moral Virtues and Vices

Moral Approaches (Intuitive, Intellectual, Transmitted)

The Framework of Discussing Moral Virtues and Vices (Chastity, Courage, Wisdom, Justice)

Moral Schools

Divine Morality

Personal Morality

Social Morality

Moral Change

The Nature and Mechanism of Moral Change

The Factors and Origins of Moral Change

Kinds of Moral Change (Personal Change, Social Change

Consequences of Moral Change

Moral Change and Mental Disorders, Similarities and Differences

The System and Hierarchy of Moral Virtues

 Religion and Ethics

Theology of Ethics

The Relationship between Religion and Ethics

Religious Ethics

Secular Ethics

 Ethics and Other Sciences

Ethics and Philosophy

Ethics and Theology

Ethics and Mysticism

Ethics and Jurisprudence

 Ethics and Law