Political Studies

Political Philosophy

Interrelationships between Religion and Ideology in practical Politics

Political Schools or Social Traditions

Interrelationships among Religion, Science, and Philosophy in Political Spheres

Religion and Politics

The Role of Idealities in Political Philosophy

The Foundational Theory in political Philosophy of Islam

The Foundations of Political Philosophy of Islam

 Political System of Islam

Ideal Political System

Criticism of Other Political Systems

Principles and Parameters Governing Islam's Political Thought







 State and Government

Man and Society

The Role of Prophets in the Reformation of Societies

Society and Natural Religion

Society and Law

The Necessity of Government

The Aims and Duties of State

 Foundations of Islamic Sovereignty

The Nature of Islamic Sovereignty

Man's Position in Islamic Sovereignty

The Role of Monotheism in Islamic Sovereignty

Divine Legitimacy

The Role of Islamic Sovereignty in Fulfilling the Purposes of Human Life

 Authority and Leadership  Twelfth Imam's Presence

Theory of Authority and Leadership in Islam

The Holy Prophet's Political Leadership

The Infallible Imams' Political Authority

Caliphate in Islam

The Status of Consultation and Allegiance in Islam

 Theocratic Guardianship and Political Leadership during the Occultation Period

Continuation of Authority during the Occultation Period

Characteristics of Political Leader during  the Occultation Period

Theocratic Guardianship

 The Criticism of Western Thoughts and political Schools

Criticism of Democracy

Criticism of Freedom

Criticism of Tolerance and Negligence

Criticism of Political Rationality

Criticism of Anthropocentrism

Criticism of Liberalism

Criticism of Marxism