Ontological Studies

General Rules of Existence

The Principles of Fundamentality of Existence (Belief in the Basis of Existence, Univocality of Existence, etc.)

Fundamentality of Existence and Its Impact on Religious Thoughts

Gradation in Existence; Gradation in Ranks or Manifestations

Rules of Non-existence; Bringing-Back of an Annihilated Thing, Causality in Non-Existences,etc.

Causality and Its Rules

Definition of Causality

Causal Relation

The Laws in Causal Relation (Determinism, Cognation, Invalidity of Circle and Endless Chain, etc.)

Reality of Origination

Modes of the Existence of Effect and Its Rules

 Yardstick of Need for Cause

 Kinds of Cause and their Rules

Necessity and Possibility

 Conceptual Analyses of Necessity and Possibility and Similar Concepts

The Rules of Necessary Being by Itself

 Antecedent Necessity and Criticism of Primary

 The Meanings, Kinds and Rules of Possibility

 Material Existence and Abstract Existence

 Kinds and Rules of Material Beings

 Kinds and Rules of Immaterial Beings

Invariable and Variable

 Potency and Act and Their Rules

 Variable and Invariable and Their Rules

Temporality and Eternity

  Principles of Conceptualization and Judgment

 Kinds and Rules

Degrees and Worlds of Existence

The World of Intellect, the World of Forms, the World of Material

  The World of Unseen and Visible World

The Terrestrial World and Celestial World

 The World of Creation and the World of Command

 World of Treasuries