Social Studies

The Philosophy of Social Sciences

The Nature of Social Sciences (Its Nature, Aim, and Differences with Natural Sciences)

The Nature of Social Phenomena

Valid Methods in Social Sciences

 Models of Explanation in Social Sciences (Causal, Final, Applied,…)

Behavior and Rationality, Social Determinations, Action and Structure

Religion and Social Sciences

Social Philosophy

The Nature of Society

Individualism or Socialism

The Origin and Necessity of Social Life

Society as an orderly phenomenon and Social Traditions

Social Perfection

 Religion and Social life

 Social Dimensions of Religion

Social Functions of Religion

Social Explanation of Religious Doctrines

Religious Institutions

 Social Institutions

The Institution of Family

The Institution of Government

The Institution of Economy

The Institution of Education

The Institution of Law

 Social Changes

 The Causes and Conditions of Social Changes (Demographic, Economic, Cultural, Ideological, etc.)

Agents of Social Changes (Elites, Social Trends, Social Masses, Religion, etc.)

Theories of Social Changes (Cyclical, Evolutionary, Equilibrial, Conflicting, etc.)

Obstacles of Social Change (Fear of Breakdown of Social System, Ideological Differences, Traditionalism, Group Interests, etc.)

 Social Deviations

Dimensions of Social Deviations

Parameters of Social Deviations

Causes of Deviation

Explanations of Deviation (Biological, Psychological, Sociological, Integrated)

Mechanisms of Preventing and Treating Social Deviation (Socialization, Social Influence, Social Control, Institutionalization of Culture and Values, etc.

 Sociology of Knowledge

 Social Causes of Knowledge Formation (Determination of Knowledge)

The Percentage of Influence of Social Factors on Knowledge (the Degree of Determination of Knowledge, Causality, Possible Influence, etc.

Populational Domain of Influence of Social Factors on Knowledge (the Level of Determination: Individual, Group, Society)

The Dominant Factor in Knowledge Formation

Kinds of Knowledge and the Extent to which they are Influenced by Social Factors

 Social Inequalities

Kinds of Social Inequalities

 Causes of Social Inequalities

Social Stratification

Social Classes


The Nature of Culture (Definition, Components, Constituent Elements)

The Interrelationship between Culture and Civilization

Cultural Interchange and Conflict

Interaction between Religion and Social Culture

Cultural Stability or Cultural Relativism


Lifestyle in Family

Social Lifestyle

Lifestyle and Islamic Government

Lifestyle in International Arena