Jurisprudential studies

The Philosophy of Jurisprudence (Fiqh)

The  Aims and Domain of Jurisprudence

Resources of Jurisprudence

Sanction of Jurisprudence (Jurisprudence and Legislation, Jurisprudence and Government, . . .)

The Interrelationships between Jurisprudence and Beliefs

The Interrelationships between Jurisprudence and Ethics

Philosophy of Religious Decrees

Jurisprudential Schools (Through Comparative Approach)

The Reality and the Philosophy of Worship (The Nature of Acts of Worship, The End and the Reason of Acts of Worship, The Relationship between Acts of Worship and Servitude, The Naturalness of Acts of Worship, The Philosophy of Communal Acts of Worship)


General Issues of Acts of Worship

Kinds of  Acts of Worship (Worships with the Limbs and Hearts, Personal and Communal Acts of Worship)

The Degrees of  Acts of Worship (Worship of the Free, the Slaves' Worship, the Merchants' Worship,. . .)

The Ranks of Worshippers (the Modest, the Sincere, and Those who approach to God as much as possible)

The Manners of Acts of Worship (The Conditions for the Acceptance and Perfection of Acts of Worship, The Manners of Servitude, The Harms of  the Acts of Worship)


Jurisprudential Issues

Socio-Political Issues (Jihād, Commanding the Good, Forbidding the Bad, International Law, . . .)

Economic and Governmental Issues (the Fifth(Khoms) and Alms (Zakat), Fixed Punishments and Discretionary Punishments, . . .)

Issues of Women and Family