Educational Studies

The Nature of Education

The Definition of Education

Education and Its Relationship with Teaching

Education and Its Relationship with Suggestion(Talqin)

 Aims of Education

Final Aim

Intermediary Aims (Aims related to Age Stages, Aims Related to Domains of Education, Aims Related to Existential Dimensions)

 Foundations of Education

Ontological Foundations

Epistemological Foundations

Theological Foundations

Anthropological Foundations

Axiological Foundations

Psychological Foundations

Sociological Foundations

 Principles of Education

Principles Related to Age and Development Stages

Principles Related to Sexuality

Principles Related to Existential Capacities and Abilities

 Methods of Education

Guiding Methods

Justificatory Methods

Directive Methods

 Stages of Education

Man's Life Stages ((Prenatal, Authority =from 1 to 7 years old, Slave=from seven to 14 years old, Advisor=from 14 to 21 years old, Support= Adulthood)

The Stages of Man's Development and Perfection (Islam, Faith, …)

Types of Education

Religious Education (Faith Development, Obedience and Commitment)

Moral Education

Social Education (Political, Citizenry, Familial, Economic)

Education of Man's Existential Dimensions (Physical Education, Intellectual Education, Affective Education)

 Contexts and Factors Influential in Education

Internal (Will, Heredity, Desires, Nature)

External (Nature and Geography, Human Environment, Angels, Satan)