Economic Studies

The Philosophy of Islamic Economy

Foundations of Islamic Economy (Ontological Foundations, Anthropological Foundations, Epistemological Foundations, etc.)

Aims of Islamic Economy (Servitude and Nearness to God, Economic Independence and Authority, etc.)

 Economic Justice

The Nature of Economic Justice

Components of Economic Justice

Mechanisms of Realization of Economic Justice

Fundamental Concepts in Economy

Property and Ownership

Poverty and Richness

Economic Man

Economic Freedom

Distribution Before Production

Resources and Production Factors (Ownership, Origin and Mechanism of Allocation)

Production Resources and the Issue of Distribution (the Share of Factors and Resources, the Issue of Deserving Causes and Islam's Distributive Justice)

The Origin of Economic Value (the Value of Labor and the Nature of profit, Interest, and Usury)

Production and Supply

Aims and Motives of producers' and Suppliers' Behavior

Regulations Guiding Producers' and Suppliers' Behavior

Moral Limitations of Production and Supply


 The Nature and Constituents of Consumption (Aims, Motives, Principles Governing the Selection of Goods and Services, Legal Established Principles concerning How to Use Goods and Services)

Consumption and Economic Welfare (Islam's Criteria and Parameters for Economic Welfare, the Role of Islam's Anthropology in Policy Making for Welfare)

State and Islamic Economy

State's Economic Activities (Intervention, Supervision, limits and Philosophy of Legitimacy)

State's Ownership (Its Nature and Effects)

State and Islam's Economic Aims (Establishing Socio-Economic Justice, Economic Authority, Eliminating Dependence, Achieving Self-Sufficiency and Social Welfare)

Ways to Earn State's Incomes (Tribute, Alms, Fifth, Spoils, Booty, etc.)

Aims and Duties of State's Income Distribution in Islamic Economy (The Nature of Consumptions and its Instances, Determining Factors, The role of Moral Values)

Redistribution of Income and Socio-Economic Justice (Criteria and Parameters of Income Distribution, Socio-Economic Justice, Reasons, Factors and How to justify Existing Inequalities)

Economics and Morality

Fulfilling Contracts

Keeping the Trust


Acting Moderately

Contentment and Submission