Path and knowing the Guide

The Philosophy of Prophecy and Prophets' Aims

The Necessity of Prophecy

Prophets' Aims (Conceptive, Attitudinal, Dispositional, Functional

 The Nature and Manner of Revelation

Qur'anic Applications of Revelation and The Common Ground between Them

The Reality of Revelation and Different Analyses of It

The Difference between Revelation, Inspiration, Intuition, Talking with Angels and,etc.

Kinds of Revelation

Angel and Prophet's Role in Revelation

 The Ways of Proving Bound Prophecy

Inimitability (of the Qur'ān)

Glad Tidings of Past Prophets and Heavenly Books

The Prophet's Characteristics, Followers and Message


The Nature of Miracle

The Possibility of Miracle

The Necessity of Miracle

Denotative Value and Domain of the Denotation of Miracle

 Prophets' Infallibility

The Reality of Prophets' Infallibility

The Evidence for Prophets' Infallibility

The Doubts about Prophets' Infallibility

 Prophets' Ranks

Prophets' Ontological Ranks

Prophets' Legislative Ranks

 The Seal of Prophethood

The Proofs Confirming the Seal of Prophecy

the Philosophy of the Seal of Prophecy

 Islam as an All-comprehensive Religion

The Way of Knowing Islam as  the All-comprehensive Religion

The Proofs Confirming Islam as the All-comprehensive Religion

The Factors Determining Islam as the  All-comprehensive Religion

 Universality and Eternity of Islam

The Proofs Confirming the Universality and Eternity of Islam

The Eternity of Islam and Religious Pluralism

The Eternity of Islam and Change in Human Needs


The Reality of Imamate

The Necessity of Imamate

Imam's Requirements and Characteristics

Bound Imamate

Imams' Ranks