Mystical Studies

The Nature of Mysticism

The Semantics of Mysticism

Dimensions of Mysticism (Theoretical Mysticism, Practical Mysticism)

The Origin of Mysticism

Mysticism and Sufism

Mystical Epistemology

Kinds of Intuition

Authenticity of Intuition

The Scale of  Intuition

The Relationship between Intellect and Mysticism

Mysticism and Divine Law

Mystical Method of Understanding Religious Texts (Mystical Esoteric Commentary)

Mysticism in the View of the Divine Law

Divine Law In Mystics' View

Mystical Ontology

Degrees of Existence (Manifestations, Determinations, Names)

Worlds of Existence (Visible World, Invisible World,. . .)

Mystical Monotheism (Unity of Divine Acts, Unity of Divine Attributes, Unity of Divine Essence)

Mystical Anthropology

The Reality of Man

Degrees of Man (Soul, Heart, Reason, Spirit, Secret, Occult, the Most Hidden State)

Conformity between Degrees of Man and Degrees of Existence

The Relationship between Soul and Body

Man's Happiness and Wretchedness

Man's Immortality

Perfect Man

Authority(Wilāya) and Its Nature

Mystic Journey( on the Path)

The Position of Mystic Journey in Religion

Mystical Abodes(Stations)

Monotheistic Ethics


Method of Mystic Journey (Self-Knowledge)

Mystical Guidelines