The Commentary on the Qurʼān

The Nature of Qurʼanic Schools

The Interpretation (and Esoteric Commentary) of the Qurʼān

 The Principles of the Qurʼanic Commentary

Principles Related to the Qurʼanic Text ( the Qurʼān's Language, Meaningfulness, Multiplicity of Signification,. . .)

Principles Related to the Understanding of the Qurʼān (Possibility, Permissibility, Authority, Authenticity, . . .)

Principles Related to the Author of the Qurʼān (the Relationship between Text and Its Author, Intentionality, the Aim of Author,. . .)

Principles Related to the Interpreter of the Qurʼān (Temporal and Cultural Distance between Text and Interpreter, Interests and Attachments,…)

 Resources of the Qurʼanic Commentary

Intellectual and Empirical Resources

Transmitted Resources

Literary Resources

Historical Resources

 The Method of Qurʼanic Commentary

Exertive Method of Commentary (Qurʼān through the Qurʼān,…)

Non-exertive Method of Commentary (Transmitted, Mystical,…)

 The Pathology of Commentary, Commentary Schools and Attitudes

The Foundational Pathology of Commentary

The Methodological Pathology of Commentary

The Criticism of Commentary Schools

The Criticism of Commentary Attitudes