Philosophy of Religion

Nature and Origin of Religion

The Definition of Religion

Religion and Man's Fundamental Questions

The Origin of Religion (Varying Viewpoints, . . .)

 The Domain of Religion

How We Know the Domain of Religion

Constancy of and Change in Religion

The Relationship between Religion and This World

Minimal and Maximal Religion

Religion and Social Realms (Religion and Politics, . . .)

Secularism and the Domain of Religion

 Intellect and Religion

The Interrelationship between Intellect and Religion (Rationalism, Fideism, Textualism)

The Conflict between Religion and Intellect

Rational Religion

 The Language of Religion

The Language of Revelation (as Being Influenced by Culture of The Time; Revelation and Symbolic Language, etc.)

Human Language and Divine Attributes (Negative Theology, Univocality, Allegoric Predication)

Meaningfulness, Cognitive and Verisimilous aspects of Religious Propositions

Science and Religion

The Nature of Science and Religion

Different Approaches to the Relationship between Science and Religion

Kinds of the Confrontation between Science and Religion

Religious Science (Its Nature, Possibility and Requirements)

 Religious Pluralism

Conceptology (Semantics) of Religious Pluralism

Foundations of Religious Pluralism

Consequences of Religious Pluralism

 Revelation and Religious Experience

The Nature of Religious Experience

Kinds of Religious Experience

Empirical Approach to Revelation

Religious Experience and Human Limitations

Religious Experience and Justification of Religious Beliefs