Anthropological studies

The Role and Position of Anthropology in Religious Knowledge System

The Position of Anthropology in Religious Thought

The Role of Anthropology in Principles of Faith(Creeds)

The Role of Anthropology in Personal and Social Decrees

The Role of Anthropology in Islamic Ethics and Education

 The Analysis and Criticism of Types of Anthropology

Types of Anthropology, Their Features, Domains, and Boundaries

Islamic Anthropology and Its Merits

The Crisis of Modern Anthropology and Its Causes

Human Schools of Thought and the Resolution for the Crisis of Modern Anthropology

Islamic Anthropology and the Resolution for the Crisis of Modern Anthropology

 Man's Creation

 The Creation of Adam (Peace Be upon Him) and Criticism of the Theory of Evolution of Species

The Stages of Man's Creation and Embryology

 The Realms of Man's Existence

Man's Existential Dimensions

Man's Real Identity

The Stages and Faculties of the Soul

The Relationship between Soul(Mind) and Body

 Man's Innate Disposition and Constitution

Divine Innate Disposition

Common Nature, Its Components and Features

Evidence for Common Nature

The Role of Common Innate Disposition or Nature in Knowing and Analyzing Human Phenomena

 Human Dignity

Man's Natural and Acquired Dignity (in Islam and Humanistic Schools)

Man's Dignity and Divine Vicegerenece

Man's Dignity and Human Rights

Man's Dignity and Islamic Ethics

Man's Dignity and Criminal Laws

 Man's Free Will

Meanings and Foundations of Free Will

Evidence for Man's Free Will

Intermediate Position

Man's Free Will and Philosophical, Historical, and Social Determinism

Man's Free Will and Predestination and Divine Providence, God's Foreknowledge and Unity of Divine Acts


Alienation: Theories and Criticisms

The Causes of Alienation

The Health and Treatment of Alienation

Alienation and Divine Servitude